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    Teaching Truth;

    Shaping Character!

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     This year's theme is FORWARD

    "Is the Lord's power limited?
    Watch and see."
    Numbers 11:23
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    Start Here

    Finish Here!


    1-year old through

    12th Grade

Statement of Concern about Library Resources:

The TGCS library takes very seriously all concerns about inappropriate library resources.  A Statement of Concern form is available below if there is ever a problem concerning a library resource.

Donation Guidelines:

The Tower Grove Christian School Library is pleased to accept gifts and/or memorial gifts.  Gifts are gratefully and willingly accepted as long as no restriction is placed upon their use.  Acceptance of gifts (of books and other library materials) will be determined by the library associate on the basis of their suitability to the library’s purposes and needs in accordance with the selection process.  Any material donated will be the permanent property of the TGCS Library and is not returnable.  The library associate will determine use or disposal of all gift materials.  The library has the right to discard any gifts in poor physical condition (e.g. brittle paper, water or mildew damage, torn, and/or missing pages).  Please observe the following guidelines when donating books to the library:

Donations need to have a copyright date within the last 5 years unless:

It is a series book (Berenstain Bears, Boxcar Children, etc), 

It is a classic book, (Black Beauty, Red Badge of Courage, etc.), or

It is a biography of a deceased character (Abraham Lincoln, Clara Barton, etc).

Donations should be in good condition barring:

no ink, crayon, or pencil markings

no brittle, yellow, torn, or missing pages

no mildew or stained bindings or pages

no physically worn books – page corners turned up

Monetary Donations:

The library accepts monetary donations.  There is a list of accepted books that may be donated or that can be obtained by monetary donations.  Please send all monetary donations to the Business Office.  All donations are tax deductible.

Respectfully submitted,

Mrs. Hoelker

TGCS Librarian/Instructional Technologist

Statement of Concern about Library Resources

Athletic Events

There are no upcoming events currently scheduled.

Mission Statement

 The mission of Tower Grove Christian Academy is to provide a complete education which promotes academic excellence and a biblical worldview.  It is the goal of TGCA to equip students with the intellect and character they need to impact their world. Click here for more about who we are