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    Teaching Truth;

    Shaping Character!

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     This year's theme is FORWARD

    "Is the Lord's power limited?
    Watch and see."
    Numbers 11:23
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    1-year old through

    12th Grade


Mail-Out Brochure

You now have the option of sending your mail-outs by email.  It is simple and saves time and postage.  Simply follow these instructions.

1.  Open the brochure (located below).  You must have Adobe Reader on your computer to do so.

2.  Once the letter is open, simply click "File" in the top toolbar, and then select "Send" and choose "Link by Email".  An email dailog box will open.

3.  On the "Send To" line, simply fill in the email addresses of everyone you would like to mail it to.  It is important that you SEND ONLY 10 EMAILS AT A TIME!  This will ensure that they will not be screened out as spam or put into someone's junk folder.

4.  In the dialog box, write your friends and family a quick personal note and a note asking them to open the attachment and help sponsor your child in the Serve-A-Thon.

5.  When finished, click "Send".

6.  Email is not fail-proof and occasionally does get lost in cyber transit, so you may want to follow up with yoru friends and family to make sure that they got your message.  

7. Thank you for your support of Tower Grove Christian Academy.

Click here for the BROCHURE.

Athletic Events

There are no upcoming events currently scheduled.

Mission Statement

 The mission of Tower Grove Christian Academy is to provide a complete education which promotes academic excellence and a biblical worldview.  It is the goal of TGCA to equip students with the intellect and character they need to impact their world. Click here for more about who we are